Sunday, 28 June 2009

Welcome to the life drawing blog of the 'Arthur Christmas' story & art departments at Aardman Animation. We've been attending a class regularly at the Bristol Grammar School after work on Thursday nights. We thought we'd share a selection of the choice drawings to see how we all approach the same poses with different techniques & mediums.
Constructive criticism is welcomed in the comments section.

First up some warm up sketches by story artist Woody Woodman.

Nice loose pen lines with simple tone added with a grease pencil.

Most of us like to warm up before drawing the poses. As soon as we find our seats we start sketching each other, our class-mates & the models in their robes.

Matt Jones

Even during the break we continue to sketch. AFter warming up for an hour I always feel it's counter-productive to then stop drawing for 10 minutes. I draw those around me until the models return.

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